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About BlueStylus®

Want to know more about why BlueStylus is right for you? It's the simple things that set us apart–and make us the best option for your firm.

Fast Facts

Online Office Management That’s On Point

BlueStylus, a division of Financial Software Solutions, LLC, is a Houston-based software company that provides online office management tools for law firms, legal practitioners and professional services firms. BlueStylus is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cloud-based billing software that offers document sharing, email integration and calendar management too. Customers rely on BlueStylus to increase firm efficiency by offering a value-based monthly fee for the features they need without paying for the ones they don’t.

Built on the Cloud with Value in Mind

traditional business software applications can be complicated and expensive. They require onsite experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. BlueStylus is a cloud-based application that eliminates the overhead of managing hardware and software. The shared infrastructure takes advantage of web technologies to make the application easily accessible to you, with high availability and strong security. No more technical support or maintenance needed. Just open a browser, log in and get to work.

Data Security is our #1 Priority

we recognize that the availability, integrity and security of your data is vital to your success. That’s why security and data protection are our top priorities. BlueStylus meets the rigorous requirements of SOC Compliance and has systems in place to deliver on the five key principles:

  • Security: protecting against unauthorized access or changes
  • Availability: ensuring it will be up and running as needed
  • Processing Integrity: it performs transactions correctly
  • Confidentiality: information in the system is properly protected

Scalable to Support Firm Growth

BlueStylus is quickly scalable to support your growing practice. No matter the number of users, our system allows for quick additions, or deletions, of users as needed to accommodate your up-to-the-minute needs.

“Easy-to-use software. It does more than products three times
its cost.” – Consultant