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BlueStylus Time and Billing

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Time and Billing Great value as low as $10 per user

BlueStylus Time and Billing gives you the features you need for extremely secure online document storage and management, internal and external collaboration, and time & billing functionality, to keep you on point whether in the office, or on the go, in today’s demanding work environment.

  • Secure document storage provides peace of mind as well as anytime, anywhere access, organization and management, all in one secure location–the cloud
  • Real-time document collaboration provides visibility and accessibility to important documents with only the people you grant permission to
  • Time-and-billing tracking at your fingertips lets you focus on your clients while leaving the timekeeping to us

“The difference is being web-based. It gives me flexibility. I can conduct business anytime, anywhere.” – Andrew Suhar, Attorney & Trustee


Secure Document Management, Storage & Access:

BlueStylus Collaborative allows you to share documents securely with clients, and provides a checklist-based document collection system for required documents. Through a simple invitation model, your clients can easily register and access shared documents securely. BlueStylus support offers end-to-end assistance to your customers so that your time can be focused on other matters.


Share Documents Seamlessly:

BlueStylus Collaborative makes it easy to share documents for review and collaboration. Simply select a document or the parent folder, click share and enter email addresses for users you want to share documents with, update the message to the recipient and let BlueStylus Collaborative do the rest.


Collect Documents Securely:

Just like you, clients get busy. The BlueStylus Collaborative SOC-certified document collection system signals your clients to upload necessary documents. Simply create a checklist of the required documents, send an invitation to your client, and let BlueStylus Collaborative do the rest.


Manage Documents Simply:

A significant portion of a professional’s time is spent managing documents and emails. BlueStylus Collaborative offers easy-to-use tools to make document management simple.

  • Microsoft Word Plugin to save documents to BlueStylus Collaborative
  • Microsoft Outlook Plugin to save emails to BlueStylus Collaborative
  • Folder structure to easily organize documents
  • Drag and Drop functionality so multiple documents can be batched and uploaded at one time

Access Docs-On-The-Go:

Whether in the office, at home, or on the beach, BlueStylus Collaborative supports all mobile platforms, giving you quick and secure access to your documents as they are downloaded.

BlueStylus Mobile App for Mobile Office Management:

Get the BlueStylus app for Apple or Android and work from anywhere – on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. With the app you can:

  • Keep track of appointments
  • Stay current on case updates
  • Accurately track time and expenses on-the-go
  • Gather, store and share client documents securely